Find Out Which WordPress Web Hosting Company Offers the Cheapest and Reliable Web Hosting Solution

I have been looking for a good WordPress web hosting company that offers cheap but reliable WordPress web hosting solution for quite a while. The keywords here are cheap and reliable and for some reason these two words do not want to go together very well 🙂 Continue Reading

How to Fix the Unable to create directory Error in WordPress

If you are seeing any of the following errors when you try to upload/import media into WordPress’s media library then this tutorial is for you. It will show you how to fix this annoying error. Continue Reading


Effective communication is one of the most elemental and key criterions for businesses to scale and survive in this ever growing competitive world. Irrespective of the size of business, a good communication platform always serves to streamline several organisational processes as well serving the customers faster. Continue Reading

Nokia ‘regrets’ Withings health app backlash

Nokia says it is “regrettable” that problems with its Health Mate fitness-tracking app have frustrated users.

Nokia took over health tech firm Withings in 2016 and recently replaced the Withings Health Mate app with a Nokia-branded version. Continue Reading

How To Maintain A Perfect Work-Life Balance In 5 Simple Steps

Why is today’s world SO BUSY?

We keep hearing people complaining that their life has become so hectic.

They say they have no time to spend on what they really like to do. Continue Reading